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There is no right or wrong way to create a book.
Here are eight slippery-steps – sometimes they work… and sometimes I fall with a splash!
Ideas are found in the strangest places: underneath a neighbour’s cat or even lurking in the ear of a friend. They move swiftly, so I always try to stay alert and carry a butterfly net.
Once caught ideas can be very demanding. If not regularly fed, watered and cuddled, they can wilt and even vanish. They also love to eat fairy cakes!
Ideas hate to be pinned down on to paper. I wait until an idea is feeling fairy cake-full, then I pin it down and start to unravel it. With luck, it will follow the lines of my pen.
Once on paper an idea can become a bit too pleased with itself, so I shove it under my bed, into the dog’s dish or an old sock, anywhere safe where it can grow without showing-off!
Once it matures, I take my idea to meet Walker Books. If they love my idea with a passion, we can turn it into a book and return home singing!
Then I sit my idea down, place a large sheet of paper in front of me, sharpen my pencil, turn the paper over, adjust my glasses, and then draw until my fingers are frazzled!
Then I scrunch that up and do it again and again. I try to weave the words and the pictures together, leaving just enough space for a reader to make my idea grow into their own.
I take my idea for one last whiz around the room; then I set it free, to fly off on its own. If I am lucky it will fly into the lap of a reader with a happy flump!
You're welcome to try my eight steps to creating a book, but I can't take any blame for sore bottoms or wet feet!