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Questions from Y6 at Mile Oak School

Who inspired you to write/What inspired you to become an author? (Owen and Ethan)
My mother was a writer and I always loved writing and illustrating stories. I started at school and just kept on doing it. When both my children went to school I started doing it professionally.

How did you become an amazing author? (Owen)
It is kind of you to say that I'm amazing, but I don't feel I am. If I have the odd amazing moment I think it is hard work and passion! I love what I do and put my whole heart into it.

Why do you love writing? (Owen)
I love writing because it takes me to new worlds and on new adventures. Also, because it gives me a chance to share my enthusiasm for reading and writing with my readers.

Have you ever kept your own personal scrapbook? (Josh)
I often used to keep a scrapbook when we went on holiday and I used to write a diary every day.

Where were you actually born? We’re assuming it wasn’t in a kennel? (Abir)
I was actually born in a kennel in Dorset, I lived there for the first year of my life. Then I got too big and my father’s spaniel told me to leave! (Alternative answer: I was actually born in a house in Dorset, in a village called White Lackington. Which do you believe?!)

Where did the nicknames Mars Bar and Dotty come from? (Everyone)
My friend, Tina, nicknamed me Mars Bar. Everyone used to call me Marce, so it just got changed into was also my favourite treat. I am called Dotty because one New Year my resolution was to be a little 'dottier'!

Where does the nickname Twister come from and do you still call her that? (Matthew)
Twister is a man and he is still called that. He will put your work on my website. He could also put your photo on it, but we'd have to get permission for that. When you have finished your posters, I'll introduce you to Twister - he’s cool. He has a dog called Flashman!